As a native professional photographer in Bali, Suta is passionate about uncovering the most authentic parts of Bali to the foreign eye. To do so, Suta leads custom small group tours in Bali to bridge an intimate connection to the island's treasures. Suta will listen to your passion to arrange bespoke tours, be it photography, yoga, art, architecture, surfing, shopping, spa, and so on.

Spend a day with a true local & embark on a cultural tour and Bali photography adventure with us. We'll take you to the road less-traveled for the best, most unique photographic opportunities. Experience Balinese raw beauty and culture in the form of iconic mountains, rice-fields, ceremonies, ancient temples, waterfalls, and many more.

Please contact us for any enquiries and reservations on Suta's Bali photography tours.



Ubud is the veins to Bali’s cultural heart. The Ubud area homes one of Bali’s royal families, some of Indonesia’s best art museums and galleries, and boasts Balinese traditional values - making it the perfect destination for a Bali photography tour. See what you can expect from our Ubud trip.


Ijen Crater is deemed the biggest crater lake in Java, containing roughly 36 million cubic meters of steaming acid water, shrouded in a smelling swirling sulphur cloud. It is also known to be a beautiful garden of stone. See what wonderful sightings you can expect to witness from our Bali photography tour to Ijen.

Mt. Bromo

Mount Bromo is Indonesia’s most iconic and most hiked mountain. With it still being one of the most active volcanoes in the world, Mount Bromo keeps many alarmed yet admired by millions. Its modest hike will let you immerse in a breathtaking gift by Mother Nature. See what you can expect from our Bali photography tour to Mount Bromo.